VVS Camouflage

The Markings section of the site (containing Decal reviews and specific squadron information) has been moved.

    As long-term visitors to our site may have noticed, the previous articles on VVS Camouflage have been removed, and will now be replaced by a new format. Alas, two problems arose with regards to the more in-depth Camouflage Development articles: a) they represent material that will, at least in part, go into my upcoming Book; and b) due to the previous fact I was therefore unable to update them to reflect the current research, resulting in the possible dissemination of erroneous information. Most of the information therein was correct, fair to say, but there had been some advancements in my research since that time (as one might expect), and so I decided that a new format entirely would be better suited to this web site.

    Thus, the new format will consist of examples of well known, currently published material, but given in a 3-view. This should facilitate a correct presentation by modelers and artists, and I will try to include as much historical material about the scheme as I can appropriately get away with. This should allow most readers to get the 'feel' of accurate VVS camouflage, at least in many respects, and certainly when combined with the VVS Color research as presented on the site. As well, I will be happy to respond to requests within this new format, so long as the subject meets the following criteria:

  1. It must be a subject with more than one published photo currently (or recently) in print
  2. It must not be a subject to be highlighted in my own Book (so if I decline on that basis, you'll please understand why)
  3. It must be a subject for which I have sufficient information (obviously) to produce a 3-view drawing
    Hopefully this new approach will benefit our visitors, and will give me the chance to ensure that all of the information posted on this site is as accurate, up-to-date and as timely as is possible.

Camouflage Examples, by Subject

The unhighlighted links are articles currently under construction and will be posted soon