Camouflage Examples of the Yak-3

Yak-3 "White 8"
pilot u/k
Normandie-Niemen Regiment, 303 IAD
ca. summer 1945
Camouflage Colors: AMT-11/-12/-7

    One of the very attractive Yak-3s of the glorious Normandie-Niemen Regiment, "8" is featured in a number of photographs of this unit dating from 1945. A host of machines from this Regiment are well recorded, and, really, one could take one's pick; this aircraft is seen in Red Stars, the AJ Press Yak-1/-3 Monograph, and numerous other publications. I believe that the pilot of "8" might be Pierre Bleton or Rene Martin, but I am not certain. Perhaps one of our visitors more astute in the facts of the N-N Regiment will be kind enough to sort this detail?
    "White 8" wears one of the simplified applications seen from Zavod 292 (Saratov). These patterns are characterized by the very casual lines of the scheme, many tending to be nothing more than mere bands of color, especially on the fuselage sides. The upper surface plan is somewhat like the NKAP template, but again quite indifferent in practice. "8" is very fine example of this type of camouflage, and gives one the impression that the scheme application was something of an afterthought at the Factory.
    As with many Normadie-Niemen Yak-3s, "White 8" wears the attractive 'bolt' feature on both sides of the fuselage. The spinner is painted with the French Tricolor colors (red/white/blue), and there is a small Cross of Lorraine on the fin, trimmed in red.
    "White 8" wears Victory type national insignia in four positions, as shown. The spinner is painted in red/white/blue.