Camouflage Examples of the LaGG-3

LaGG-3 "White 14"
St.Lt. M. Evteev
44 IAP
ca. fall 1941
Camouflage Colors: AII Green/Black/Blue

    "White 14" is one of several LaGG-3s of the 44 IAP that were well photographed operating in the Leningrad area during the fall of 1941. A fine photo of this machine is featured in Red Stars, and the remainder of the series was until recently held in the collection of the Golsudarstvenniy Musee Aviatsii, Park Pobedi concourse. The pilot of "14" is thought to be the personal mount of Mikhail Evteev.
    This early series LaGG-3 is a four-gun model manufactured at Zavod 153, Novosibirsk. These LaGGs were alas noted for being of poor quality manufacture, and one often sees these aircraft in photographs with various parts removed, notably the main windscreen, the landing gear door covers, and so forth. These conditions were true for "14", as well, and it is a classic Novosibirsk LaGG-3. This scheme is recalled in some publications as the "Bukhanova tiger-stripe" camouflage, and indeed it may very well be her work; Nadia Bukhanova did work at Novosibirsk until relocating to Saratov in early 1942. Whatever the case, this pattern was both simplistic in execution, but also fluid and organic in form; reminiscent of her work, by all means.
    The very large tactical numeral is completed in white, and none of this batch of LaGGs seems to have a fuselage star. There seem to be no personal markings on these machines, as well, and it may be that they were only recently arrived when photographed. The circular discolorations on the upper stabilizer surface appear to be patches or repairs of some kind; again, notable for Novosibirsk LaGGs.
    "White 14" wears plain red star type national insignia in four positions, as shown. The aircraft is a four-gun Zavod 153 manufacture LaGG-3, and appears to have been armed with a UBS gun through the spinner (thus, 2 x 12.7mm UBS and 2 x 7.62 mm ShKAS).