Camouflage Examples of the I-153

I-153 M-62 "number 102"
Maj. P. Biskup
71 IAP
ca. August 1942
Camouflage Colors: AII Green/Black/Blue

    Biskup's "102" is the subject of many published photos, and good examples can be found in Red Stars, I-153 (Maslov), and elsewhere. The numeral "102" is often depicted in yellow, and it very well might be this color. It is certainly not white; "102" is pictured in different photos next to "White 24", "White 68", and "White 71", and the color agrees with none of them in any photo. However, after staring at many examples of K-16 film (which was used here, and I have seen two of the negatives in person), the color does not strike me as yellow; there is something about it, and hard to finger exactly. I have the suspicion (only) that it might be (industrial) Metal Primer (MUP). Its appearance matches this color very nicely, and perhaps this is why it does not look yellow? In either case, both color paints would have been available and plausible, so finish it as you will.
    On the port side, "102" is finished in a very well known Factory scheme from Zavod 1, deviating from the 'norm' only in a small patch on the lower cowling. However, the starboard side shows evidence of much re-painting. Biskup's machine was damaged by anti-aircraft fire in May 1942, and this repainting probably is the result of these repairs. The application under the numerals "1" and "0" looks to be as from the Factory, but the fin has been painted mostly with black, and the star is not symmetrical to the port side insignia. From the numeral "2" forward, the scheme is completely different. It shows signs of having been reapplied, the "2" being improperly sized and of a different front than to port, and there are areas of dark coloration on the wing root fairing; the pattern matches no known Factory application. The stainless steel cowl bands appear to have been painted over with the upper surface colors, but not the lower; this practice was not uncommon on the I-153.
    The national insignia comprise plain red stars in four positions, as shown, and the fin/rudder markings are asymmetrical. The aircraft is an M-62 powered I-153 variant, and is equipped with eight RO82 rocket rails.