Camouflage Examples of the Pe-2

Pe-2 "White 1"
pilot u/k
ca. June 1944
Camouflage Colors: AII Green/Black/Blue

    This old warrior was photographed still in service with the 12 GBAP of the Baltic Fleet in June 1944. One of a series of excellent photos of this aircraft may be found in Red Stars, and also in the Armada volume on the Pe-2. The pilot of this aircraft is unknown.
    "White 1" is an earlier manufacture Pe-2, and from what we can see of the aircraft, in addition to the early camouflage pattern, it may be a Series 110, or thereabouts. The scheme is a very well known application from Zavod 22 in AII lacquers from the 1941-42 period. In this case, the color demarcations on the upper surfaces are rather soft, but the pattern shapes and contours are very much prototypical of this scheme. These early applications are also notable for the very 'low' upper/lower color demarcation on the engine cowlings, as shown.
    The rudder trim tab on this aircraft has been painted, and the color may be white or yellow (as shown). The numeral is in white, and it looks as if the tips of the propeller blades might also be so painted.
    "White 1" wears plain red star type national insignia in six positions, as shown. The spinners are painted AII Black, and the rudder trim tabs in white or yellow.