Camouflage Examples of the La-7

La-7 "White 14"
Lt. A. Bivalov
ca. winter 1944
Camouflage Colors: AMT-11/-12/-7

    "White 14" was a presentation La-7 photographed outside the Factory at Gor'ki (Zavod 21) during the winter of 1944. The lineup shows an eskadrilya of La-7s donated by workers in Gor'ki, and wearing the inscription "Gor'kovskiy Rabochiy" (Gor'ki Workers). These machines are thought to have been delivered to the 63 GIAP, and this aircraft, specifically, to belong to Lt. Bivalov [confirmation of Bivalov's assignment will confirm or deny the unit identification]. Published photos of this machine can be found in Soviet Combat Aircraft Vol.1 and Lavochkin La-7 (MBI).
    Bivalov's La-7 wears an absolutely text-book example of the NKAP template fighter scheme as it appeared on the La-7. All of the classic features are present here, and "14" could serve as a prototype of the application. The tactical numerals are large and smartly trimmed in red, and there are 'La-7' logos present on both cowling and rudder surfaces. The cowl bands are unpainted, and indeed in every sense this aircraft is a classic VVS La-7 of the GPW era.
    "White 14" wears Victory type national insignia in six locations, as shown. 'La-7' type logos appear on the port and starboard side cowling and rudder.