Camouflage Examples of the Yak-7

Yak-7B "White 09"
pilot u/k
ca. 1943
Camouflage Colors: AMT-4/-6/-7

    Yak-7B "White 09" is one of a number of very interesting Yaks photographed in service with the 8 IAP ChF (Black Sea Fleet) during 1943. Various versions of this photograph have been published, and good copies appear in Red Stars, and In Action no.78, to name a few. A much larger series showing this line-up is held in the collection of the Frunze Military Archive, Monino, including an aerial shot taken from a Po-2 passing over-head. There apparently exists some 16mm film showing these same aircraft, but I have yet to locate it.
    "09" is finished in an AMT lacquer scheme from early 1943, one that was also common on early Yak-9 fighters from Novosibirsk. This machine is a pretty typical example of this application, which could vary quite dramatically over several examples, especially along the starboard fuselage. There are also related schemes with nearly symmetrical applications, and others with broad 'line' type patterns ("Yellow 09", the aircraft just behind and second in view, is one of these). This scheme can be identified on the Yak-7 quite usually by the absence of an upper/lower color demarcation 'ramp' feature; the Yak-9 with this pattern often has one.
    The small white characters on the rudder of this aircraft are invariably interpreted as a numeral "76", but in fact it simply says "7b" in cyrillic; the aircraft's type (this marking was probably left there from the Factory). The small tactical numerals are quite unusual, and very square in shape, while the fuselage star is positioned uncommonly far to the rear.
    "White 09" wears plain red star insignia in four positions, as shown. The wing undersurface stars cannot be determined, and have been drawn as plain red types. The tip of the spinner is painted white.