Camouflage Examples of the I-16

I-16 Type 29 "White 75"
Szht. V. Segalaev
71 IAP
ca. summer 1942
Camouflage Colors: AII Green/Black/Blue

    This I-16 Type 29 was well photographed in 1942, and versions of the various pictures may be found in Red Stars and in the collection of the Tsentralniy Dom Aviatsiya i Kosmonavtika (TsDAK), Moscow. "White 75" wears a typical 1940-41 I-16 scheme from Novosibirsk in black and green. This pattern is well known for the extremely varied central portion of the application (over the central fuselage, around the cockpit), and permutations in this area are legion. "75" may be said to have a rather 'typical' such pattern, if such a word may be used in this context. In this case, the stainless steel cowl bands appear to have been painted over.
    Segalaev's aircraft has had its spinner removed, and is a usual manufacture Type 29 with the starboard oil cooler intake fairing. The landing gear covers also appear to have been removed. "White 75", curiously, does not wear a national insignia on the fin/rudder, but as the scheme is very much a Factory job, one assumes that it was delivered in this manner. Two stars look to be present on the wing undersurfaces.
    This machine wears plain red star type insignia in two locations, as shown, and features a white tactical number. The spinner has been removed. "75" is armed with two RO132 rocket rails which are seen in one view carrying RS-82 missiles.