Digital Modeling

New Tools, Old Ideas....

Undoubtedly, there will be some of our readers out there who are completely unfamiliar with the concept, or indeed practice, of Digital Modeling. That is to say, making 'models' of aircraft not with physical materials, like wood or plastic, but in a computer's memory, using bits and bytes. At first brush, one might think that the two are unrelated activities. But, not so. Many of the very same techniques are used in both, and the difference is only in the method of application-- brush or mouse, for example.

Well, that is an emerging point of view, anyway. So, allow us to share with you some of this new medium, this digital form of aircraft modeling. We hope you'll be fascinated, and perhaps even pleased....
Aircraft Image Format Artist
La-5 "White 99" 2D Profile Joseph Bilton
La-5 "Black 31" 2D Profile Joseph Bilton
MiG-3 "Red 16" 3D Scene Painting Erik Pilawskii