Digital Colour Chips

[Feb 2008] Update: Following a very fascinating conversation with Samsung Electronics about digital colour phosphors and representation, we have adjusted the colour samples on this page. We hope that these new values will give a better representation of the actual colours across many monitor (CRT and flat-screen, etc) types, but of course the following caveat is still quite valid....

The following table is a digital representation of the various aviation lacquers of the 1930-50 period. We would like to respond to the very many requests for such a table on the site. However, allow us to express an ENORMOUS caveat when examining this chart-- it is intended for representative purposes ONLY. It is not currently possible to guarantee the exact colour or shade of anything drawn on a computer monitor. These samples are to be regarded only as a general familiarization, particularly for those new to the subject, and should not be accepted 'as such' with the value shown on your screen.

AII Green (new) AII Green (old) AII Dark Green AMT-4 Green A-24m Green AEh-15 
('Factory Green')
AII Black
AMT-6 Black
AEh-11 Black AE-10 
(wood aehrolak)
Industrial Metal Primer ALG-5 Primer A-14 Primer
AMT-11 Blue-Grey AMT-12 Dark Grey A-32m Dark Grey AII Brown AII Light Brown AMT-1 Light Brown (typical)
AII Blue AMT-7 Blue AEh-8 Grey AEh-9 Grey MK-7 White Industrial Green
3B Green AEh-4 Blue A-36m Grey
AMT-16 Grey
Light Brown
Industrial Blue