Part I-16 Type 24 Detail Set (#S72-136)
For the ICM Kit

By Matt Bittner

ICM's I-16 kit is a little jewel by itself, but this set really makes the kit shine. Designed for the Type 24 kit, this set features a nice interior with sidewall details, instrument panel (with the usual clear film instruments), seatbelts, cockpit floor details, rudder pedal detail and control stick. You'll be spending some time bending all this stuff up and fitting it in place, not to mention painting it all up, but once done it will really look nice. For the exterior you get replacement landing gear doors and a new nose section, complete with separate shutters to close or open as you see fit. There is one item missing I wish Part would have provided, that being the gun sight. Both the Extratech and the Ace set does include a gun sight. Another area that isn't "quite right" are the shoulder belts. The actual belts were held "up" by a "loop" of what appears to be metal. In other words the belts weren't attached directly to any part of the seat. The Part set provides the shoulder belts as two separate "straps" instead of the one inclusive set. Again, the Extratech and the Ace set includes the shoulder belts as they appear on the real thing.

Note: while Part specifically lists this set for the Type 24, it will also work for the ICM Type 28 and Type 18 just as well.