Projects and Prototypes

Polikarpov TIS

Polikarpov TIS, 1/72 scale ( Václav Lomitzki ). Valom kit out of the box.


IS-1, 1/72 scale ( Helmut Wang ). Amodel kit.

Sukhoi Su-3

Sukhoi Su-3, 1/72 scale ( Larry Baldwin ). "SIGA kit. There is some extra detail inside the cockpit. The kits canopy has been replaced with a thermaform one. Also added new build tail wheel doors."

Polikarpov I-17

Polikarpov I-17, 1/72 scale ( Larry Baldwin ). "Victora Products Resin."

Sukhoi Su-5

Sukhoi Su-5, 1/72 scale ( Larry Baldwin ). "MPM Vacuform Su-5."

Tupolev ANT-25

Tupolev ANT-25, 1/72 scale ( Alexandre Bigey ). "Injected kit from Tupolev Aviation. This aircraft designed for distance records made a non-stop flight from Moscow to Vancouver via the north pole in 1937 with 3 crew, of which pilot Chkalov."

Sukhoi Su-9

Sukhoi Su-9, 1/72 scale ( Piotr Dmitruk ). "Resin copy of MPM vacu."

Borovkov-Florov I-207

Borovkov-Florov I-207, 1/72 scale ( Piotr Dmitruk ). ""Izdielie 9", Scratchbuitlt model using Pavla parts."

Polikarpov ITP

Polikarpov ITP, 1/72 scale ( Piotr Dmitruk ). "Vacuformed model."

Mikoyan & Guryevich MiG-31

MiG-31, 1/72 scale ( Piotr Dmitruk ). "(I-250, "izdielie N") Vacuformed model."

Kamov A-7-3

Kamov A-7-3, 1/72 scale ( Piotr Dmitruk ). "Resin model from Planet Models."

Bisnovat SK

Bisnovat SK, 1/72 scale ( Piotr Dmitruk ). Vacuformed model.


BI-1, 1/72 scale ( Arthur Hill ). "The design team of Bereznyah and Isaev, under V.F. Bolkhovitinov, developed the BI-1. It first flew as a glider September 10, 1941 and first powered flight May 15, 1942. The BI-1 was mixed consturction and it was powered by a Dushkin D-1A-1100 rocket motor of 1100 lbs static thrust. It carried enough fuel (kerosene and nitric acid) to fly for up to 15 minutes. The BI-1 had 2 20mm cannons in the nose with 45 rounds per weapon. When the program was terminated in March 1943, 5 prototypes and 7 production models were completed. Apparently there were 20 B-1's in various stages of assembly. I have a few nice vac forms on my shelves. Since this kit cost me $2.50 I figured if I screwed it up I haven't lost very much. Just in case I bought two. I followed concepts I read about on the different sites and in modelling books. Just in case I talked to friends who have done vacforms. I drew a black line around the shapes and cut them out with a sharp X-acto knife, then sanded the edges on a piece of sandpaper laid on my work table. The instructions referred to the cockpit as "sparse" and gave a drawing of a cockpit. The canopy is quite clear and all would be seen - or lack of it - so I built a cockpit with sprue, wire, plastic sheets bits and a piece of a decal from a friends decal box. The biggest problem I did encounter was to get the angle of the wings the same as the line drawing included with the kit. The BI-1 was 21 ft long with a 21 ft wing span, max speed 600 mph. So the kit is 1/72 and is 3.75 inches by 3.75 inches."


BI-1, 1/72 scale (  Libor Jekl  ). BI-1, Eastern Express, 1/72. Aftermarkets: Extratech seat belts. The cockpit scratchbuilt, new canopy made from clear sheet using the original kit parts as a master. Decals out of the box. Pilot: Grigoriy Bakchcivandji (I am sorry, I have a problem how to write this name in English), Kolcevo airfield, may 1942.

Sukhoi Su-6 AM-42

Sukhoi Su-6 AM-42, 1/72 scale ( Václav Lomitzki ). Valom kit.

North American Mustang IA (P-51)

North American Mustang IA (P-51), 1/72 scale ( Edward G. Russell ). This is the Condor (MPM) North American P-51/Mustang IA kit C72015. It is pretty much out of the box with minor rework of the wheel wells and leading edge to follow the Detail & Scale profile, addition of the wing and lower cowling guns and a little extra in the cockpit. It represents AG 348 as pictured in the Red Stars book, maybe at the NII in Moscow and certainly before it was delivered (if ever) to an operational unit. It is pictured also in the Ducimus Camouflage & Markings book on the Mustang where it is said to be the fourth production P-51. This booklet also asserts that it was later camouflaged in Dark Geen/Dark Grey but given the similarity in demarcation lines to the 'Red Stars' picture, I have left in Dark Earth/Dark Green..

Polikarpov I-185

Polikarpov I-185, 1/72 scale ( Bill Arnold ). Model Russia kit, out of the "bag".

Kamov A-7-3

Kamov A-7-3, 1/72 scale (  Vladimir Yakubov ). "This is a Kamov A-7-3 autogyro. According to "Modelist Constructor" it was the only armed autogyro to be used in combat. Unit of 5 or 7 of them operated in Vyasma area in 1941. The model is from an unknown Russian manufacturer. I've bought it in the plain cardboard box in the hobby shop. It was truly atrocious. In fact the only parts that I've used from the model are the main parts (i.e. fuselage, wings, tail and rotor blades). All of the small detail is scratch built. It has the full interior and the engine is borrowed from another model."

Bisnovat SK

Bisnovat SK, 1/72 scale ( Ken Duffy ). Vacuform.

Polikarpov I-180

I-180, 1/72 scale ( Ken Duffy ). Vacuform.


BI-1, 1/72 scale ( David H. ). This may be the old Red Star kit, or another mid-70's era model. "Extensive modifications were made to the kit including replacement of the canopy, boxing in the wheel wells, addition of a rudimentary interior, and addition of correctly shaped ventral fin and tailwheel, pitot tubes, tail surface bracing and ShVAK cannon and fairings. Photos of the originals indicate a glossy waxed finish. Further mods should have been applied to the ailerons, if I had had better references available when I built the model."