Lisunov Li-2


Li-2BT (1/72) ( Edward Russell ). This Lisunov Li-2BT was operated by 53 ADD in September 1944 and is based on a colour profile in Aviatskiya Vremya 5/99. The model is based on the Esci DC-3 kit with modifications to the engine nacelles, doors and windows, roof reinforcements, modified undercarriage and the addition of a turret as well as nose and lateral gun positions. A spartan interior suitable for paratroops is fitted.

Li-2 (Bomber) 

Li-2 Bomber, 1/72 ( Erik Pilawskii ). Lisunov Li-2 (license-built DC-3) bomber of the 188 ORAP (ADD), near Yel'ets, Spring 1943. The pilot of "White 53" is unknown. The aircraft is finished in the classic VVS three-color scheme of AII Green, AII Lt.Brown and AMT-1. The model was modified from the very fine Italeri DC-3 kit (1/72), and new items include modified engine cowlings with scratch-built cooling louvres, scratched bomb racks and bombs (two FAB 250 and two FAB 500), and other detail items. The turret was borrowed from an Il-4 kit, and modified with a scratch-built 20mm ShVAK cannon. The 12.7mm UB was a more common fitment, but "White 53" was unusually well-armed with the heavier gun.