Decal Sheet Review:  Ilyushin Il-2s

    In our forthcoming decal sheet review series, we'll seek to highlight and critique some of the currently available-- and long past issue-- VVS decal sheets. In this next of a series of installments, we'll take a look at several more VVS Fighter sheets, and some for the Il-2.
This article has been updated with newer artwork and research. The original text has been replaced by current work, and has not been retained (in part due to the sheer size).

[ All decal sheet scans have been deliberately skewed and distorted at random angles to dissuade illegal reproduction or Copyright infringement by any such parties. The precise line and measurement of any specific marking, therefore, should not be taken literally from these illustrations. ]

T.I. Decals (Textimprim)   Sheet No.TI-72.01     "Special Ilyushin Il-2"

    This outstanding decal manufacturer is almost unknown in the USA, but in fact T.I. produces some extraordinary decal work. Typically of the highest quality, TI decals react well to setting solution, are well registered, and are delightful to work with. Sheet 72.01 features four superb Il-2 schemes, one of which has never before appeared in 1:72 scale.

    Four Il-2 schemes are provided on this sheet.

  1. Il-2 AM-38F "White 07", Lt. Shulkin, 566 ShAP, 1944:    "White 07" has been identified as the personal mount of Lt. Shulkin, and this new attributation seems to be correct in light of newer research. Other than the national stars being of the incorrect type (should be white-bordered, not Victory), this decal set is quite good, and will make a fine example of "07". The camouflage guide should be ignored completely, while the spinner appears to be red/yellow.
  2. Il-2 AM-38F so strielkoi "White 14", Viktor Aleksukhin, 617 ShAP, 1943:    A personal favorite of mine, this decal set looks quite nice, and seems to match the inscription artwork fairly well. It is missing a tiny white "14" for the rudder, but this should not be overly difficult to replace.
  3. Il-2 "Red 3", unknown, 1941:    This set was based on a profile appearing in the Czech Ilustrovana Historie Letectvi series, and is quite usable. However, the photo of this aircraft shows a red numeral "3" (possibly with a thin white border) on the fin which is missing from this sheet. As usual, the colour guide should be discarded at once; this aircraft was finished in an early AII Green/Black scheme.
  4. Il-2 AM-38F "White 1", Yu. Pavlov,  6 GOShAP, 1944:    Though the national stars are probably not very useable in this set (they should be white-bordered Kremlin types, and the shading on these stars seems questionable), the remainder of the markings look very fine. In combination with the old ESCI sheet (which, see), one should be able to produce an excellent Pavlov Il-2.
    A wonderful sheet for the VVS modeler completing one of the new and excellent Il-2 kits now available, this set also includes some rather less-known subjects as well. However accurate in detail, all of the markings are well executed and they should produce a fine model. Highly recommended.