VVS Colors, 1941-45:
Popular Paint Brand Equivalents

[ As with all commercially manufactured paints, there is likely to be some variation in color from batch to batch. Caution is recommended when selecting each paint, and comparison to other brand equivalents when possible is desirable. I found that most of these paints were generally delightful to work with; however, with Testors Model Master paints I also found that in many cases I had to stir-mix the contents quite thoroughly before application to produce the desired and intended color, and I recommend this approach for all modelers working from this table. ]
Acrylic Paints Oil Paints
Color New or Primary Shade Old/Worn or Alternate Shade New or Primary Shade Old/Worn or Alternate Shade

AII Blue PollyScale 505226
USSR Underside Blue
Testors MM 2126
Russian Topside Blue
AII Green PollyScale 505368
WARPAC Gry.Green
Testors MM 2029
Green FS34258
Testors MM 1715
Int. Green FS34151
Army 4B0 Green PollyS RR-Colors PR44
Depot Olive
Testors MM 1710
Dark Green FS34079
AMT-4 Green Testors AR00112
Russian Armor Green
Xtracolor X623
Czech MiG-29 Green
Testors MM 1715
Int. Green FS34151
Humbrol HT-1
Russian Topside Green Testors MM 1712
Field Green FS34097
Tractor Green Humbrol No.1
A-24m Green Testors MM 1710
Dark Green FS34079
Xtracolor X618
Czech MiG-23 Green
AII Dark Green Testors FS34092
Euro I Dark Green
Xtracolor X628
Wheel Hub Dk.Green
Humbrol No.3
Brunswick Green
AII Ochre PollyScale 505352
NATO Tri-Color Brn.
PollyScale 505084
US Sand
AII Sand Brown
AMT-1 Earth Brown PollyScale 505284
Italian Hazel Tan
A-21m Dark Brown
AMT-11 Grey PollyScale 505330
Haze Gray
A-33m Humbrol No.64
Matt Light Grey
AMT-12 Dark Grey Humbrol No.27
Matt Sea Gray
A-32m  Humbrol HT-4
Subframe Gray
Medium Grey Xtracolor X621
MiG-29 Undersr.Gray
Wood Use Aerolak PollyScale 505330
Haze Gray
PollyScale 505264
RAF Ex.Dark Sea Gray
Metal Use Primer Testors MM 2130
Flanker Pale Blue
Testors MM 2739
Flat Interior Gray

    To date, obviously not all shades of VVS color have been identified with a brand equivalent. We will, of course, continue to search for proper matches, especially for the critically missing colors (like AMT-1, AII Sand, AMT-12, etc.).
    However, we also would like to welcome input from our visitors on proper brand paint color matches. If you happen to discover a match for any of the colors listed above (even one with a current entry), please by all means do pass that information on to us. We will examine the shade a.s.a.p., and post the contribution very gladly with a thanks to the discovering party. Coming soon will be a submission form so one can send us that input.