Red Stars 4
Lend-Lease Aircraft in Russia

By Erik Pilawskii

Author(s): Carl-Fredrik Geust, Gennadiy Petrov
Publisher: Apali Oy [Finland]
ISBN: 952-5026-23-X
Rating: ***** /  100

    I have promised to try not to sound like an advertisement for RS4, and so I will mostly restrict myself to telling you what is in the volume. Suffice to say that I feel like this is another triumph for C-F Geust and Gennadiy Petrov, and I would recommend this volume for any VVS enthusiast, scholar, or modeler.
    The photographs presented in this volume are excellent, and certainly most of them are previously unseen. Many outstanding subjects abound. I am most excited, personally, by some superb Hurricane and P-39 photos, and some rare examples of such things as VMF Catalinas and so on. Marvelous photos on every page.
    The historical section and data table are outstanding. The information presented on the delivery and receipt of L-L aircraft in the USSR is probably the best data of its type available in the world at this time. Overall, some impressive research is to be found in this volume.
    I cannot recommend RS4 too highly. A 100 score, by all means.


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