The End of an Era...
After 15 years the site is, sadly, closing. It has been coming, to be sure, but we had hoped forlornly to carry on. It was not to be.

It is with the greatest sadness that I make this announcement. The situation is all the less ideal in that there simply is no other web based resource or repository of information on this topic worthy of the name. To where will modellers look for accurate data on these matters, I wonder? To the few amateurish, half-baked and thoroughly unconvincing extant sites which promote themselves so ridiculously? These farcical efforts threaten to regress the understanding of the 1917-1950 VVS back decades; I fully expect to see RAF style camouflage, "all-metal" construction and bizarre markings to re-emerge presently. It is to weep....

Alas, the miscreant conduct of the modern web 'community' has played a large role in this tragic development. The corrosive nature of current behaviour 'on-line' has fatally eroded any enthusiasm to carry on. To be sure, the majority of our faithful readers over the years have been lovely, and have contributed much, themselves, to the study of this wonderful subject-- you will be sorely missed. But, even for all that, it seems impossible to redress the catastrophically negative trajectory of modern society in this present era where fact is decided by popularity, and investigation is supplanted by tedious, baseless opinion. Simply revolting.

Matt will carry on with his private life. For myself, I will move to my new commercial site and venture at Red Banner Aviation. Those who wish it may follow developments there regarding VVS research, artwork and much more besides.

The files remaining on this site will persist, as an archive, until they are removed by Hobbyvista. There is likely to be no warning as to when this may occur, but in the meanwhile readers have permission to download any of the files from this site to their own PC to act as an archive should they wish to do so.

And so we sign off, and leave you with our best hopes and thoughts. Good luck, happy modelling, and may some cultured and reasonable sanity re-emerge in the course of public discussion on the WWW....

Farewell.    EP

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