Book Addendum

"Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours, 1941-45"
Erik Pilawskii

Research on this scale is an on-going project; indeed, as really it must be. My own work on various matters of the VVS of the Great Patriotic War period must be seen as a type of beginning of a full account of this subject. The very last word on this topic may never be written, I suspect; I'm sure it will occupy much of the rest of my life.

I believe it is critical to have a page on which readers and other historians can stay abreast of the various developments and corrections in this on-going research which are germane to this book. Or, perhaps just to VVS research as a whole. As a result, we have not yet worked out the exact scope of this page, nor of the various sub-pages associated with it. The intention here will be to provide space for corrections to the book of various kinds (errors, mistakes, omissions, updated research findings, etc.). As well, we will eventually list here the full length book Bibliography, something which was not possible in the printed version.

It is even possible that extra material which did not find its way into the first edition of the book may appear here. If a second printing is mooted, then it is very likely that such material will be discussed on these pages. We envision a comment section here (still far from completion), and other resources. In all, 'things relating to the book'... as such, I suppose.
Corrections view the various errors and other mistakes and mis-prints located so far
New Research all of the latest findings, and how they might impact upon the book's text
Additional Resources expanded Bibliography and other sources
Forum an open environment for discussion about the book