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PH Model 1/72nd Resin Su-2 M-82 Conversion for the ICM Su-2 M-88 Kit

By Matt Bittner

There were three main versions of the Sukhoi Su-2 "Shturmovik". The version the ICM 1/72nd kit makes out of the box is the M-88. The other two main versions are the M-82 (the focus of this conversion) and the M-88B. All designations refer to the engine type; in other words the M-88 engine, the M-88B engine and the M-82 engine. All external differences between these three rested primarily in the engine, cowl, spinner and oil cooler intake. There was also another difference that appeared on the M-88B machine. The earlier M-88B had the the TSS-1 gun mount and this conversion allows the option of adding the TSS-1 by including a separate resin turtledeck (if you want to mount the canopies open) and also includes the different turtledeck on the vac canopies.

I have included images of the original ICM Su-2 M-88 next to an ICM Su-2 with the PH Model M-82 conversion. The resin is extremely well cast but there are air bubbles in my exhausts. The only complaints I have about this set is the cowl is a little thick and will need to be thinned from the inside by using a Dremel, and I wish the oil cooler intake scoop would have been cast separate. Removing the cowl from its pour block with the air scoop in place is quite difficult. Plus I feel the air scoop isn't hollowed out far enough and with it as a separate part it would have been cast deeper and/or easier to remove resin from the inside. I've already thinned out the cowl and deepend the air scoop. This took me about 20 minutes. I may have sanded the cowl edge a little too much and it could be a little "short" because of this. At some point I will lay it on the plans to find out.

We have been made aware of two shops carrying the PH Model line. The first is Hobbyshop.cz out of The Czech Republic, and the other is Tmi KUIVALAINEN from Finland.