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AeroMaster Decals 1/72nd "Fighting Lavochkins" (72036)

By Erik Pilawskii

 [All decal sheet scans have been deliberately skewed and distorted at random angles to dissuade illegal reproduction or Copyright infringement by any such parties. The precise line and measurement of any specific marking, therefore, should not be taken literally from these illustrations.]

AeroMaster Sheet No.72-036 "Fighting Lavochkins"

    This large AeroMaster sheet was designed to provide decal markings for the various La-5 and La-7 aircraft profiled in the late Mikhail Abanshin's very fine book, Fighting Lavochkins, in addition to some other schemes based on photographs appearing in different works. While the quality of the decals themselves is quite fine, the attention to detail and research evidenced by this sheet cannot make the same claim. Still, in most cases the decals themselves are useable, though caution is due in a number of cases.


Seven schemes are provided on this sheet, including complete national markings for each aircraft.

  1. La-7 "White 93", Sergei Dolgyushin, 156 IAP, 1945:    Basically taken directly from F.L., this scheme is a nice representation of Dolgyushin's trusty "no.93" La-7. The scheme should, however, be the standard late War Winter finish of Dark Sea-Grey .

  2. La-5FN "Yellow 01", Vitaly Popkov, 5 GIAP, Winter 1944-45:    Yet another failed attempt at Popkov's famous La-5FN. The tactical numeral should be yellow here, and the national stars on the fuselage and tail are yellow-bordered types, not Victory stars. There was no white fin flash on this aircraft, and the under-wing stars are plain white-bordered type. [see our Osprey color plates Monthly Review for a better description of the correct scheme].

  3. La-7 "White 63", Sergei Dolgyushin, 156 IAP, 1944:    Another fine decal set for Dolgyushin's earlier La-7. Winter Dark Sea-Grey scheme again.

  4. La-7 "White 27", Ivan Kozhedub, 176 GIAP, 1945:    The camouflage scheme here was certainly taken from the Osprey Soviet Aces title, and is incorrect. The finish was solid Dark Sea-Grey Winter scheme yet once again. The decals, however, appear to be satisfactory and can be used by all means.

  5. La-5 "White 15", Grigori Kostylev, 1945:    The national stars on the fuselage and tail should be yellow-bordered type, not Victory stars, while the underwing stars are plain white-bordered. The remainder of this decal set should be fairly useable, however.

  6. La-7 "White 23", Pavel Golovachov, 69 IAP, 1944:    Very nice decal set for Golovachov's La-7.

  7. La-5FN "White 15", Pavel Likholitov, 159 IAP, 1944:    I have no idea where on earth the idea that the markings on this aircraft were silver , but this is certainly incorrect. The tactical numeral is in white, as is the text " Za Vaska i Shoru ", though this inscription features a thin red outline. The national stars are simple white-bordered type. I'm afraid there is nothing to use on this one.

       Overall, the sheet is nicely done and a source for some very well completed schemes. Certainly the sheet is a must have item for these, alone, but there are in addition some very useable decals on the sheet besides, Kuznetsov's Kittyhawk and Grib's Yak-9 predominately among them.