Cutting Edge 1/48 MIG-3 Super Detailed Cockpit

Part Number CEC48169
For the ICM MIG-3

By Peter Vill

Available from Great
Price $16.99 + Postage

Having seen mention of this particular detail set on the “Modelling The VVS” web site I thought that I would try one out. I tried to locate a set within the UK but none of the major suppliers seemed to hold it in stock, which is a terrible shame. I explained my problem to Aleksandar Sekularac who told me to try the  Great Models web site, a few moments later it was on its way to me.

These are my first impressions of this detail set as it comes out of the packet. You get 12 pieces cast in grey resin, these consist of: - 2 cockpit side walls, 1 radio shelf complete with radio, 1 Gun site with correct mounting, 1 seat, 1 seat support frame, 1 instrument panel, 1 flying panel, 2 compressed gas bottles, 1Control stick, 1 set of rudder pedals and a cockpit floor, also included is a photo negative instrument panel acetate. The detail set completely replaces the kit cockpit parts with the exception of the firewall (Part number A11) which according to the detail sets instructions will require a little simply modification, this apparently involves the removal of a small amount, the only other work that appears to be carried out is the removal of the lip cast on to the fuselage halves in the area along the wing joint.

The detail is amazing with all panels, wiring looms, instrument illumination devices, flare pistol and flare storage cast in place. The casting blocks are joined to the components by what appears to be a thin section of resin, I do not expect any problems to arise during separation, there is surprisingly little flash on any of the parts in the set sent to me and I can only assume that this is the norm. The instructions are very well written and give a detailed explanation on how to go about assembling the detail set into the model.

I have only carried out preliminary dry fitting but at the present moment I am very impressed and can say that the fit seems to be excellent.

I would recommend that any one wanting to do that little bit extra in the MIG cockpit should consider this set.

My thanks to
Aleksandar Sekularac