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Polikarpov I-15 in 1/72nd Scale


I-15 ( Uwe Borchert ). "The Pavla-I-15 in 1:72 is a good kit. Its surfaces are a little bit rough. With sandpaper you can smooth this. The all other surface details are very accurate. But for the wing-fuselage areas you need some filler. For the engine there is only one exhaust in the kit. The Chato has seven short and two long exhausts. I used 1 mm-plastic-profile for the new exhausts. The I-15 white 63 is the only plane with the two fairings on the right lower wing in Spanish service that I know from old pics. Additional this plane has a rearview mirrow on the upper wing."


I-15 ( Larry Baldwin ). "Vacuform of a FrankModell. The propeller,cowling engine and wheels are from a Monagram F-11C. The decals are from a Hispacalcas decal sheet."