Decal Sheet Review: VVS Fighters, Part X

    In our forthcoming decal sheet review series, we'll seek to highlight and critique some of the currently available-- and long past issue-- VVS decal sheets. This appears to be the first (that we know of) decal sheet released by MPD dedicated to VVS aircraft.

[All decal sheet scans have been deliberately skewed and distorted at random angles to dissuade illegal reproduction or Copyright infringement by any such parties. The precise line and measurement of any specific marking, therefore, should not be taken literally from these illustrations.]

MPD    Sheet No. 72012    "Spitfire, P-40, P-51 Mustang in USSR"

This is an awesome sheet. There are five separate P-40s (one 'E', one 'M', one 'B', one 'N' and one "P-40"), one P-51 (a Mustang Mk.I - the only Mustang delivered to the VVS) and five Spitfires (two Mk.VBs, two Mk.IXEs and one LF IX "UTI"). All decals are sharp, in register and there are enough decals for each and every aircraft - no sharing of stars on this sheet.

Please note the following sent by Volker Beyer:

"I have discovered an error in this sheet - with some help of Carl Geust. The colors of the white 50 - P-40E of Pokryshev in the sheet are wrong. The colors are taken from Red Stars 4 color Profile. But the color Profile in RS4 was a copy of an old one - without correcting Colors. I've added scan of the original color Profile in the Russian aviation historical journal As no 1/1991. There you can read the Colors DG and DE over S - or dark green and dark earth over sky. In fact this plane was build in US for GB - so it will be the FS-equivalent of the British colors."


This is a very impressive decal sheet and is highly recommended.

The following comments come from István Vadász:

In spite of these it is worth buying this sheet, because the printing quality and the accuracy of the markings are good.