Modeling the Soviet VVS   1917-1950

~ Monthly Profile ~

November 2006

October's monthly profile concerns a Pe-3 of the 118 RAP VVS SF (Northern Fleet) which was instrumental in the search for the German battleship Tirpitz. Several photographs of this specimen were kindly provided for publication by expert researcher Rune Rautio. Please respect his copyright to the fullest degree, and do not reproduce this image under any circumstances whatsoever. One can read more about this aircraft and her crew in the new book (for which this profile was created) by Norwegian authors J. Asmussen and K. Åkra.

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Tirpitz, Hitler's last battleship, was the largest warship ever built in Europe with a tonnage of more than 50.000 tonns. The sistership Bismarck was sunk early in the war, while Tirpitz was sent to Norway where it represented a serious threat to the allied convoys to thenorthern ports of the Soviet Union.

Follow the exciting history of Hitler's last battleship in this book, the largest book ever written on about the ship. All operations and attacks are ilustrated with photos, maps and drawings. The book also contains cetailed specifications, technical drawings of guns, camouflage schemes and for the first time, 3-D drawings of Tirpitz. Every type of aircraft that participated in attacks on the ship are ilustrated with photos and colour profiles, for the first time including the Soviet attack on Tirpitz in February 1944. The bookcontains some 390 photos about 150 of which have never been published before. The technicaldrawings have taken more than 4 eyars to research and make and are the most accurate drawings available. Furthermore, the book contains a list of all casualities suffered onboard the ship as well as allied aircrew who lost their lives during the bombing raids on Tirpitz in 1942. Extensive chapters on Bardufoss airfield and what really happened there when Tirpitz was sunk are included. The everyday life onboard has not been forgotten, an entire chapter is devoted to personal photos and stories from the Tirpitz as related by the verterans themselves.

If you are interested in local history, general war history, technical details, sea warfare or if you are a modeller looking for inspiration you'll find something of interest in this book about Tirpitz, Hitler's last battleship.

For more information and book orders, see the Midt-Troms Museum web page.