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May 2007

728 IAP
Winter 1943-44
1st Ukrainian Font
Kpt. A.V. Vorozheiken

This attractive Yak-7B was Arseniy Vorozheiken's mount during the winter of 1943-44. No agreed date exists for the several photographs of this aircraft, some of which have been published widely. A nice rear 3/4 shot is also found in Stankov's Propeller Fighters Yak Vol.2 on page 20. This profile is a bit older, and as such does not exhibit the most current line and scale plan drawings (so be aware), but it does convey the scheme on this aircraft fairly well.

The camouflage application on "22" was unique. This looks certainly to have been a field applied AMT-11/-12 job, and the pattern is rather haphazard, even though one suspects that the NKAP Template was at least in mind when this was done. It seems that no AMT-12 was applied to the nose or the port wingroot, as was usually the case, and one wonders if this would indicate that the red nose paint was applied at the same time (thus, why bother with the AMT-12)?

"White 22" is shown in different photographs with the same appearance, but in some of the close-up shots (i.e. showing Vorozheiken), the canopy is missing. Since this unit is both present and not, depending upon the photo, it is not clear if the sliding hood was removed, or just missing due to repair or maintenance. Modellers will be happy in this case to complete the aircraft in either way, as they prefer.