Modeling the Soviet VVS   1917-1950

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March 2007

I-153 M-62
August 1942
Lavansaari, Leningrad Front
Maior P.I. Biskup

Biskup's "102" fairly well known, as the photograph has been widely published in various sources. A fine shot of the port side may be seen in Red Stars Vol. 1, p.17.

Both the camouflage scheme and colouration are pretty well in view, and not much confusion on this point remains. The pattern was a common AII Green/Black application of the period for the Chaika, this slightly modified in places due to repainting [Biskup's aircraft was damaged and subsequently refinished in parts, as is more obvious on the starboard side]. The main point of debate surrounding this machine regards the colouration of the tactical numeral, and both of the serious possibilities are shown above-- IMP colour and a dirty white. I still favour, personally, the former interpretation, but it seems likely that no definitive answer will be possible on this conundrum.

The aircraft is an M-62 powered version and features RO rocket rails and RS82 missiles below the wings.