New CD-ROM Series Release

Radial Engined Lavochkins of WW2

VVS Aircraft Review Series, Volume 1

"Welcome, readers, to the Aircraft in Review series. We are very pleased and excited to introduce our new CD-ROM and soft-cover book collection dealing specifically with published photographic evidence relating to historical aviation. In this series we will strive to re-examine once again all of the available evidence regarding each aircraft, taking into consideration the most current research and data available. From these analyses, we have recreated a colour profile to the most exacting detail for each aircraft depicted in each of the images under investigation.

We hope and believe that this series will be an invaluable source of information for the professional historian and amateur enthusiast alike. Whether your interest lies in scale modeling, flight simulation, Warbird restoration, or just plain historical research, this series should have much to offer."

-- Erik Pilawskii & Chris Banyai-Riepl

Initial distribution and sales of the CD-ROM will be conducted through the on-line web shop Cafe Press. This firm is located in North America, and all pricing will be calculated in US Dollars. The retail price for the CD is

$ 24.99 USD

[currently 12.75 £ GBP / 19.25 € Euro]

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